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Dec 19, 2012 11:00pm PST
's doing extraordinary -- >> rose: this is not a gordon brown thing, is it? >> it's the opposite because gordon brown was always -- he was chancellor but he was always very biter that he hadn't become prime minister. i ran david cameron's campaign, literally, to be the best prime minister and leader of the party so that the relationship, if you study british politics you'll know that the relationship between the chancellor and the prime minister is often one of the most difficult ones in british politics. >> rose: and he's a 10 and you're 11. >> we often talk about the tensions. that tension doesn't exist today and the people have looked in vein for some argument between us and they can't find . >> rose:o can i imagine on some evening like at 10:00 you'll think i'd just go over to 10 and see how david is doing? >> well, we are -- we're next door neighbors and our children are good friends as well. so it's -- it's a strength, a partnership on the economic policy front that is good but in a town like this you have the treasury and the prime minister arguing with each other that would be th
Dec 20, 2012 11:00pm PST
on brown versus the board of education. >> rose: absolutely. >> in which sydney poitier ayed thurgood marshall and burt lancaster played john w davis. so-- . >> rose: two opposing counsels on the argument. >> exactly, in the supreme court. so you know, i'vead the oppounit to do really the creative things that i want to do. and i had just-- i can did produce from my friend terrence malick the james jones film, thin red line. >> rose: so the kennedy center honors which is as i suggested one of the great events in washington, and then seen on cbs on december 26th. this partnership has worked well. but it is something that i think people aspire to. it's likthe presidential metal of freedom in a certain way. it is to honor people for contribution beyond sort of the obvious metals that they get. it's different than the oscar. it's for life. >> right. and it's their country honoring them. when i started the american film institute our sofs offices were in the kennedy center and on the 10th anniversary of afi we go an event, we had a white house reception, president carter and then an event a
Dec 21, 2012 11:00pm PST
namath and jim brown in my back pocket . >> rose: that's an interesting reference. >> if i don't have that, i want to write the character and i don't want to think about anything if of an actor's pluses or limitations as far as that character is concerned. it's what i'm here to do. i'm here to create these characters that come out of this deep d.n.a. of my tissue. and i only get one crack at it. i'm not writing theater that people will be doing every 20 years. maybe someay it will but not right now. so i write that character, and then nothing is more important, just finding the perfect actor. but when that character is perfect, like in the case of leonardo here or maybe johnny depp some day or somebody else, there's a reason there's an excitement when they come together because it is magical. >> rose: who else might be on the short list? >> people i would like to work with? >> rose: yeah. >> uh, i'd love to work with michael cain. i've always been a huge michael cain fan. i thinke's actually terric. and i would really like to work with meryl streep. i'm a huge fan-- i think we would g
Dec 19, 2012 12:00am PST
about me. >> hi, everybody. i am here because my farm is gone, the land just turned brown and died. it happened to one of us, it can happen to u all of us. >> the town is going to put it to a vote in three weeks. what the hell happened? you were supposed to get in and get out. >> i know ever everything about your company. ready to go? yeah. this town, this life is dying. you all see it coming and you just don't get out of the way. >> we are not fighting for land, we are fighting for people. >> what you came to take from me -- >> you are a good man, steve. >> when a $9 billion company, you know what we are capable of. do you? >> rose: joining me now is the director gus van sant and the movie cowriters and starts, john i can'i can't sin krakinski andt dayton, i am pleased to have them here to talk about this movie. tell me how it began. >> i had the idea about two years ago to do a movie about american identity .. and my dad grew up in a small steel mill town just outside of pittsburgh and the way he talked about his growing up, his dad had three jobs and he didn't have a lot, i an
Dec 13, 2012 12:00am PST
and lieutenant colonel brad brown they come in to take control of this area of operations which includes combat outpost keating in may, june, 2009 and they present mcchrystal with scenario what they call in the military realignment, closing down a bunch of camps. >> right. >> they see a bunch of camps that have no strategic or tactical value and want to close them down before anyone gets killed. >> and mcchrystal says no, they delays it. and by the time they make plans to close down the catch it ultimately proves too late. >> rose: does he regret that? >> i did talk to him on background for the book, he did not express regret, he explained his reasons, there are reasons and guy through them in the campaign called the generals competing considerations there were a lot of reasons one of which is there were not a lot of helicopters and assets in the country, even after president obama started surging. and some of the ones they wanted to use to close the camp were being used for other things, including the missing in action soldier who is now a prisoner of war, having walked off his base. including
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)